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Click Here To Buy Our CdsThe Love Finders Band is both a cover and original band based in Perth, Western Australia. 

The Love Finders Band features electric violin, guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums, plus two backing vocalists (sometimes lead vocalists). The band's deep love for storytelling through their music brings together a show featuring the immediately identifiable electric violin and guitar sound, and the band’s own unique musical style. Classics from gentle acoustic renditions, to lively house rockers and searing blues… and always some surprises!

Fronted by both Rupert Guenther on electric violin and Michael King on guitar, with Segolene King on keyboards, Campbell Carew on drums, Nathan King on bass and Camille Nelson plus Adrian Price on vocals, The Love Finders Band play easy going traditional blues, classic country, classic rock, instrumentals, and swing classics.

The band brings their great love of making music together and a deep friendship between the players, where the music is all about weaving the feeling and the story-telling. Coupling Rupert's experience of decades working as sideman to the stars (Sir George Martin, Olivia-Newton John, Demis Roussos, John Farnham etc) with Michael’s heart-felt guitar and vocals, Segolene's tinkering of the keys and vocal magic, Campbell's joyous drums, Nathan's salt-of-the-earth bass playing and vocals (and his ubiquitous white hat!), and Adrian and Camille's amazing harmonies, this is music to uplift and enlighten, not just entertain.

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We perhaps have somewhat of an unusual style, attitude and motivation than many others these days, in that it's not so much about a spectacle, rather it's simply about providing entertaiment and bringing joy to the audience. We make music for people who listen with their ears rather than their eyes :). We make it all about the music. We almost exclusively play theatre shows. Our behavior is professional and courteous in all moments. We love our music and we love sharing our love of music with others. Some might call that soul.

The Love Finders Band came to life in 2015, drawing from the members' shared love of a wide range of popular and classic music. The band was born of a nostalgic fondness for the old days when you could go and enjoy a great show with good friends and family, to see a band that was all about just sharing a really fun time. With over 100 years of collective involvement in live music, the band has an eclectic repertoire that ranges from the swing standards of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, classic rock from the likes of Buddy Holly and Frankie Valli, to Bryan Adams and Pink Floyd, blues from the likes of Gary Moore, Elmore James, Link Wray, BB King, ZZ Top and Eric Clapton, and country ranging from Kenny Rogers, Steve Earle and The Highwaymen to Keith Urban, Willie Nelson and The Dixie Chicks….. and everything in between.

The Band performs occasionally as a trio, sometimes as a 5 piece, but most often as a 7 piece Show Band. We concentrate our efforts upon theatre shows, dances and outdoor ampitheatre events.
 By combining our state of the art compact Bose PA system and an electronic drum kit we are able to deliver great sound at relatively low volumes, or we can also easily deliver a great show to 1500 people or more. We also provide our own dynamic light show. Although we are not a loud band we are also not a 'poked in the corner background band'. We like to put on a show and we enjoy engaging with the audience, we like to black the stage area, we use our own dynamic light show with a lighting operator, and we have someone mixing out in the audience area (who takes up very little space). We are a proper band, with production, and we put on a proper show just like most bands did back in the 80's and 90's.
The Love Finders PA and stage
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Review of The Love Finders Band by Weekend Notes

The Love Finders Band

at Stringybark Winery and Restaurant

Freelance writer, Social Work & Arts student & traveller based in Perth, Western Australia.
Published March 19th 2020
Enjoy an amazing day of food, wine and music
stringybark wineryI cannot think of a better way to have spent my Sunday afternoon than to have made the beautiful drive out to Chittering with my partner to enjoy great food, great music, and a wonderful atmosphere. Situated about 40 kilometres north of Perth, the Chittering Wine Region has much more to offer than I'd ever anticipated. Being a regular of the Swan Valley, I was ready to be surprised when the opportunity to explore a northern winery came about.
Driving through the country, down the windy road peppered with grapevines, my first impression of Stringbark was that it looked rustic, laid back and inviting. When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted right away, receiving excellent customer service as the close-knit staff attended us with warmth and care that money just can't buy.
We were seated by a lovely old fireplace, adjacent to the Sunday entertainment- The Love Finders Band. The live music added such a local, homegrown flavour to the already rustic venue, and we really enjoyed the easy listening blues, rock and lovely acoustics. Honestly, the classical nerd in me was purely delighted at the presence of an electric violin which added to that gorgeous country feel!

Along with the lovely menu of delicious fare, Stringybark had an extensive specials board which my eyes were drawn to right away. We ordered Salt & Pepper Squid and Mushroom and Parmesan Arancini Balls for our shared entree, and for mains, I ordered Roast Pork with Apple Sauce and Vegetables, and my partner ordered a classic Chicken Parmigiana. Oh, and I also dabbled in a glass of 2016 Stringybark Cabernet/Shiraz, because it would be rude not to!

Shortly after ordering, my glass of red wine arrived. Man oh man, I only became a red wine person in the past couple of years (a mark of maturity I like to believe?) and this wine was absolutely delicious. The menu described flavours of blackcurrant, plum and chocolate with hints of liquorice and spice, which was spot on, and it was a wholesomely moreish glass of vino. All in all, the relaxation of enjoying a gorgeous glass of red wine whilst listening to blues out in the Aussie country was just magic.

We shared our entrees of Salt & Pepper Squid and Mushroom and Parmesan Arancini Balls, and they were delicious. I am a sucker for Arancini balls, and these did not disappoint. The Salt and Pepper Squid was tender, and the gentle salt and peppered crumb was just perfect. Not oily, not chewy, not basic. It was proper home-cooked food. Once we had finished, we enjoyed a pause between our entree and main, and it gave us the opportunity to further enjoy the band and make room for our main course. The Love Finders played some classic tunes as I continued to sip my wine, soaking up the energy of the room.

Between our entrees and mains, we got to meet the owner of Stringybark and the leader of The Love Finders Band, who were both so warm and lovely! We were made to feel like locals through the kindness of everyone there.

So as I mentioned before, my partner ordered the Chicken Parmigiana (which I am guilty of stealing multiple bites of as it looked too good to pass up). I find that a chicken parma can be a risky choice when eating out; you never quite know whether you're going to get a thin, disappointing schnitzel or a big, delicious fillet. I was delighted to discover that Stringybark's Chicken Parmigiana was the latter- fresh, juicy, and immediately in my top three list of best parma's I've had. SO good!!

After I'd finished being a seagull over my partner's dish, I got to enjoy my Roast pork with apple sauce, crackle and veggies. A simple restaurant staple, it was the perfect Sunday roast I that had been missing recently, and as always, the crackle was a tasty touch. I also really appreciated the freshness of the apple sauce!

All in all, Stringybark and the Love Finders Band provided the perfect laid back Sunday atmosphere to truly lull myself into a food and wine coma before having the head back to the big smoke. As my partner and I left we mused over how lovely it would be to bring my sister and her fiance here, because it really is just a stone's throw away from the hubbub of Perth, and the lovely drive through the country to get there just added to the relaxed energy. With ample indoor and outdoor seating, it's the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends and some live music, or a bottle of wine and a catch up under the eucalyptus trees.

Thank you to Stringybark Winery and The Love Finders Band for having us, we truly had a wonderful time!

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