The technical stuff

As you will see below, our stage footprint is minimal, we don't use instrument amplifiers on stage and our Front of House PA system is usually only one Bose L1 Vertical Array and One sub. We only use two arrays out front if the room is very large, or it's very wide compared to it's depth, or we're playing outdoors.

Our standard setup is, one channel for drums, bass, violin (DI), guitar (DI), organ pedal (DI) and 3 vox.

On occasions we play as a 5 or 6 piece, adding one extra vocal, keyboards (DI) and flute mic.

Our wide setup requires 5.5m wide x 3m deep, and our narrow setup requires about 3.5m wide and 3m deep.

(Guest artists - [keys and/or flute] require the wide setup.  )

Love Finders stage setup wide

The Love Finders Quartet stage setup